Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why I Will Now Write About Books

I think I read my first book before I watched my first movie, frankly.  I remember sitting on the floor with Cat In The Hat and doing just fine until I got to the big word.  I had to ask my Mom what is was. "Something." I wasn't 3 yet.
Now I realize it is stories that I love.  And the art of storytelling.  I suppose that explains my degrees in English and Cinema Studies.  They are similar - it's just that one uses movies as its canon of literature.
When I moved away from home, the first thing I got in my new town was a library card.  I frequent used book stores.  I relish the discovery of a new author and wallow in the company and comfort of old friends.
I just bought a house.  It is funky and old.  Over the years, various owners have added on rooms here and there.  It has a bit of a meandering feel to it, but plenty of room.  I turned what would naturally be the formal dining area into a library.  The table sits in the eating area of the kitchen.

Books are more important than food.

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